Greenelerra Theme

This is a work in progress. I took the Cinelerra SUV theme and change it to create this new theme that I call Greenelerra for obvious reasons.

The theme is mostly dark green. The light green and red are used for emphasis.

Here are some screenshots (click on the images to see the full size).

I put in red some problems I haven't been able to solve (wet!). If you know the answer please send me an email to:

Tema Greenelerra

Este é um trabalho em desenvolvimento. Peguei no tema SUV do Cinelerra e alterei-o de forma a criar um novo tema chamado Greenalerra por razões óbvias.

A cor dominante e verde escuro. O verde claro e o vermelho são usados para realçes.

Apresento aqui alguns screenshots (clique nas imagens para vê-las em tamanho real.

Colocei a vermelho alguns problemas que não fui capaz de resolver (ainda!). Se conhecer a resposta aos meus problemas envie-me um email para:

Download and Installation

You can Download and follow installation instructions here.

Loading Program Window

You can find more frog images at:

I haven't been able to change the progress bar. I changed some images but couldn't find this progress bar PNGs. (Help)

Main window

There is an input text near the status bar that is not aligned. It happens in all themes I have seen. Is it on purpose?!? (Help)

To change the title font, shadow and color of the blue bars (effects)I had to change the code in the file trackcanvas.C from




The title_font in theme.h don't affect the effect bars (blue in my theme) ?!?

Is there another way?!? (Help)

I haven't been able to chage the red and yellow around the thex box when selected. I change or add?!? the following lines to the file suv.C 

resources->text_border2_hi = 0x6d9804; //lightgreen

resources->text_border3_hi = 0x6d9804; //lightgreen

but nothing happened (help).

Compositor Window

Resource Window

I haven't been able to change the forder Icon (Help). The new icons for the plugins are a work in progress. My problem is that I don't know what some of them do?!?

Viewer Window

Settings - Format Window

I haven't been able to align the list to the input text box. I would like to align it to the base of the text box and the same width. (help) 

Render Window

I would like to change the icon to three dots (...). (help)

Batch Render Window

Minor alignments.

Load Window

Show Windows of an effect

Global Screenshot